MON024 Lyrics

Track 01

What is choice, then? A ruse?
Allegory and rhyme
Hasten to prove the point:
What we're watching is true --
Our emotions tied to
Vacuous tropes and mime

Fear, laugh, fear, laugh

What is grace, then? Escape?
How to reclaim judgment?
Can we start to renew
The very rot of tropes
Rendered fecund from use
Reborn again as signs

Vacant, vacant, vacant
Hollow, hollow, hollow

Track 02

Burn all these maps
Lose this way or drown
Burn all these maps
Bodies a warning

Sleep in a trap, hang from it
Burn all these maps, lose this way

This way is a trap
This bed is a trap
Hanging on this post
This way is a trap

Track 03

On one, our motives obscured
Events (just) accidents or fate
We had no choices, no sight
On one, we dreamt it, it's done

Our excuse was fate
Stuck inside our end

Thirteen, our motive laid bare
Events, consequence/outcome
We have all choices open
Thirteen, we choose it, it's real

Now we chose free will

Track 04

One down, one to go, in time
This two thousand years' prelude
John's dreams paved the way with death
And we willingly walk it
Holy destiny

Culture made of wax will melt
Coded in our hearts, nascent
Arc of history swings down
The hope for real peace empty
We search for an end

Telos, our faith

Culture made of wax will melt

Track 05

Reinforce culture, concede ideals, selling subversion, status intact
Flawed reasoning, flawed irony, flawed reversals, flawed strategy

Mute commentary, market reversion, co-opt critique, status intact
Flaws reinforced, flaws reinforced, flaws reinforced, flaws reinforced

Track 06

Reason, chanda, eon, nama
No abstractions, (paticca) samuppada
Logic, tanha, season, rupa
No nature, anatta


Track 07

Necrophillic life, generating death

Death another disco, dance another death
Death another soft drink, drink another death
Death another boyfriend, date another death

Life everlasting, death everlasting

Track 08

Repeat, redact, repeat, redact, repeat
Deflect, deflect, deflect, deflect, devolve

Tear one down, build the same
At zero, yeah, we've changed
The pattern's built to last
And woven in our plans

Repeat, redact, repeat, redact, repeat
Deny, derive, deny, derive, deny

Tear one down, build the same
At zero, yeah, we've changed
What we've done, what we do
How we were, how we are


Track 09

We see us
Our logic projected
Everywhere we see it

We see us
Our logic projected
Everywhere we see ourselves

Make it, find it, see it

Track 10

Lacking instinct
Who taught us to hate?
Who taught us to love?
Who taught us to sleep?
Who taught us to breathe?

Track 11

Two only exist in time
Synchronous events drown in similitude
If we stop, wind it down, see in reverse
Linear (is) synchronous: two become one

Track 12

Bottleneck, bottleneck
Open it up one more time, open it up one more time
And then break it off
Stifle dissent
Your ideas are the only ones